Welcome to Burton Court, a historic house mentioned as hugely enjoyable in Simon Jenkins’s award-winning book ‘England’s Thousand Best Houses’. 

Burton Court is a family run enterprise that offers a truly unique location for a wedding, a private or corporate party, a conference, a product launch or film work.

Lt. Cdr. & Mrs. Robert Simpson and family extend to all visitors a very warm welcome.

Guided tours

For guided tours of the house we are open with an ‘Invitation to View’ scheme that is providing people the opportunity to join a guided tour of the house for numbers below 12. The tours are for general public on the 13th June, 4th July, 8th August, and 12th September from 2:30pm. To find out more follow this link – https://www.invitationtoview.co.uk/properties/burton-court/

Take a closer look

Like what you see? Get in touch for a viewing of Burton Court to see what we can do for you.

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